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What borrowers say

“AHP and the servicer were amazing. They handled it really great and I appreciate that. I'm happy with it.”


We offered to settle all of Hart's delinquent charges for $2,000 and drop his monthly payment to $673 for the remainder of his term. He was comfortable with these terms.

“I thought I'd never be able to catch up with the interest and fees. I was afraid I would have to move in with my sister.”


We cut her monthly payment by more than half, from $550 to $250. She can now stay in the Oklahoma City home she shared with her husband Malcolm for 25 years.

“I appreciate AHP helping me out at this time. It really means a lot to me that finally things are going to move forward from here on out.”


In the end, AHP accepted just $1,836 to settle all delinquent interest and fees and lowered the monthly payment to $379.69.